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Driveshaft Information

How to measure 
(if needed) Info on measuring vehicles for a custom driveshaft.  U-Joint Flange- Pinion Yoke measurements.  ID of different Driveshaft Types. 

U-Joint Identification
Basic U-Joint series size guide with dimensions for Inside & Outside lockup

Performer Series Steel Driveshafts
High Performance Steel Driveshafts
For Muscle cars, Hot Rods and Race Cars.  Also a Hi-Strength OE replacement driveshaft.

Nitro Series Steel driveshaft
Race Duty Hi-Strength DOM Steel High Performance Driveshaft in 1350 series U-Joint.  2000+Horsepower!

Import Driveshafts
Listings for New and Remanufactured Import Driveshafts for rear drive cars and trucks.

Aluminum Driveshafts

OE  Type Aluminum
Muscle Car - Hot Rods
Import Cars - tRUCKS


Truck Driveshafts
Driveshafts for 4x4 and 2 wheel drive.  Front 4x4 Driveshafts. Custom Drive Shafts for lifted trucks. GM, Dodge, Ford, Jeep.

Chevy-GMC Trucks

Camaro & Firebird Driveshafts
New design 1 pc driveshafts for V-6 Camaro and Firebirds.  Custom Drive Shafts for ALL Camaro's and Firebird's.

Corvette and Cobra
Drive Shafts - Transmission Yokes - Flanges and Parts. 

Classics and Antiques
Carrier bearings for the older Buicks and Cadillac's as well as can rebuild most of the CV driveshafts.  Dodge and Chrysler Ball and Trunion driveshaft conversions.

Driveshaft type Diagrams
Diagrams of most driveshaft types used and measure diagrams for each type.

Driveshaft Part Listings

Transmission Slip Yokes
Transmission Yokes and 4x4 Transfer Case Slip yokes for cars and trucks.


Transfer Case Bolt-on Yokes
Bolt on fixed type end yokes for transfer case.  CV type and single U-Joint yokes.  See Transmission for Slip type yokes

Pinion Yokes - Differential
Differential pinion yokes and flanges.

Driveshaft Component Parts
Listings for Universal Joints, Carrier Bearings, U-Bolts-Bolt/Strap Kits, Mid-Slip Yokes, Splined Stub Shafts. CV parts and diagrams.

Driveshaft Questions
Common Driveshaft questions and answers.

Customer Comments
Email feed back and testimonials from our customers.

Shop Photos

Ford Truck Driveshafts


Wehave many new models of Ford driveshafts.  Just call or email if you don't see what you need.
1.866.455.6622 if yon need assistance.  Thanks!


Non-Rebuildable Driveshafts.  We have a better option.

Ford truck 2 Piece BETTER Design Driveshaft for Ford F150 2wd & 4x4. 

$775 + $55-70 for shipping.  Direct Bolt In.

Call or email for pricing on F250 and F350.  3/4 and 1 ton are generally more expnsive due to larger/stronger components and U-Joints

 Ford's factory driveshaft is non-rebuildable and costs $800 to $900.  It has a non-replaceable carrier bearing (center support) and may have staked in (non-replaceable) U-Joints.  If any 1 part fails you are buying a complete new driveshaft for upwards of $900.00. 

Ford non-replaceable carrier bearingLeft: (click for large photo)  Non-replaceable carrier (center support) bearing.  Bearing was installed before tube was friction welded (bad) in place.  It can not be changed without cutting driveshaft apart, destroying the driveshaft.  This part is only $35.00 but you have to buy a complete new driveshaft.  Our driveshaft has an easily replaceable center bearing.

  Ford staked in U-Joint

Left: (click for larger photo)  Staked in Universal Joints are not typically replaceable.  Terrible design for a Truck driveshaft.  Friction welded tube is a thin wall weak design also. 


The entire OE shaft is a throw-away design.  Some even have a sticker that says "Scrap if dropped".  That doesn't sound like "Built Ford Tough" does it? 

The photo below shows all of the components that are used in a typical 2 piece driveshaft.  All U-Joints are easily replaceable as well as the center support bearing.

2 piece driveshaft components


2 piece complete driveshaft assembyOn the right is our complete assembly.  Pricing is $795 plus shipping of $65 to $75 for USA shipping (not Alaska or Hawaii).  This driveshaft is built with Heavy Duty parts and should be the last driveshaft ever needed for your Ford Truck.  We will likely need a quick length check to verify perfect fitment.  Very easy!



Ford Explorer Sport Trac

New driveshafts built in our shops.
2WD pricing $665 to $695 dependent on year and includes shipping.
4x4/AWD is usually $765 due to enclosed CV's and includes shipping.

1 Piece Driveshafts for 4x4 or 2 wheel drive

 Ford has been using non-serviceable U-Joints on the 1 piece driveshafts also.  We offer new 1 piece Slip Yoke Driveshafts for for Ford Trucks.  We can build 2 versions.  The standard OE version is a 1330 series U-Joint.  We also offer an upgraded 1350 series (1 ton) U-Joint for only a few dollars more.  The photo below shows all the components in an un-welded form.  All of our driveshafts are shipped fully assembled, painted and ready to install.  We will want to verify a quick length check using M1-4 in the Measure Sheet section.

Ford 1 piece driveshaft

1330 Series - $399 plus shipping of $60-$85 dependent on location.

1350 Upgrade - $435 plus shipping of $60-85 dependent on location.

CV-5  Constant Velocity Slip Yoke Type for lifted 4x4 Trucks. 

3.5 Tube diameter and lengths out to 61 inches or so.

 $625 (plus shipping) with flange for pinion.  31 Spline CV Transfer Case Yoke.  This 1350 series CV Type Driveshaft is custom built to length for lifted trucks.  The CV at the transfer case doubles the smooth working angle of the single U-Joint set up.  This results in a much smoother running driveshaft.  Pricing is $575 with pinion flange plus shipping of $45-$65.  Use M1-4 in the Measure Sheet section  to determine correct length.

CV-5 driveshaft with flange for Ford trucks


Bronco- Full Size 1350 RockCrusher for 1990 and up. $440+shipping.

Note: We offer all Driveshafts for all models of Bronco

 The RockCrusher is a upgrade from OE 1330 U-Joint to a 1350 1 ton U-Joint.  Direct bolt in and custom built to length.  Good for lifted and non lifted trucks.  This is a much stronger driveshaft than the Original Equipment shaft.  We also have the 1330 series OE size available for $379.
For the earlier Bronco's with bolt on CV (CV-1 in the Driveshaft Types) we have the 1310 Series CV for $329 and the 1330 Series for $339.

Old type bronco II driveshaft Bronco II Driveshaft  

 New design U-Joint Type CV to replace the old style CV shaft.   1310 HD is $399.  Both are plus shipping.  Direct bolt in replacements.  No modifications required.  Use M1-7 in the Measure Sheet section for quick length check.


Ford Trucks with Flat Flange at Transfer Case for Rear Driveshaft.

Some 4x4 Trucks, Excursions and Expeditions have a flat flange at Transfer Case and were equipped with a single U-Joint.

Some were OE with a CV.   We have CV type driveshafts for all Flat Flange Ford Transfer Case equipped vehicles.  

 Driveshaft tube diameter is 3.5" x.083 wall HD.  CV is 1350 series 1 ton.

We will need to check the rear U-Joint width if not a flange type at differential.  Use M1-6 if regular pinion yoke on differential. 

 Use M1-7 if a flat flange at differential.

1350 at rear pinion yoke is 3 5/8 wide.
1410 at rear pinion yoke is 4 3/16 wide.

Pricing is $425 to $740.
This depends on length and tube diameter required.
Shipping in the $55-$95 range.

F250 and F350

 We do these for F250-F350 short bed trucks as a conversion from the 2 pc shaft to a 1pc shaft.  For these trucks we build with a 4.0x.083 tube.  This is not easy.  We use Spicer XL 1 ton rated 1350 U-Joints at the transfer case end and a UJ type constant velocity on lifted trucks. At the diff. end we use a 1410 or 1350 dependent on what the truck was equipped with originally.  For a truck with with flange at both ends the driveshaft is $775 + shipping and packing.

If you have a flange at transfer case only the price drops to $710 + ship.

In addition there are speed limits on this driveshaft.  Typically 95-100mph.  If you like to go really fast in these trucks - this is not for you as the driveshaft will bow and then break right in the middle.  We strongly suggest that you do not try to find the limit as bad things will happen.

Shipping is more expensive on this driveshaft as they are a bit on the heavy side (still less than the 2pc).  Shipping can range from $75-95.


Ford Explorer Driveshafts for AWD and 2wd

 Ford Explorer front shaftWe offer NEW front driveshafts for Ford Explorer.  100% new with shipping included for$429.  This is OE type and direct fit.  We may want to know a length from weld to weld on the tube.  We also make new rear driveshafts in Aluminum or steel.  If you have a Explorer with IRS (Independent rear Suspension) and have driveshaft vibration issues we can assist.  We offer new Aluminum Driveshafts that are 100% guaranteed to work perfectly.

Explorer Sport Trac Shafts

Rear 2pc shaft assy all new is $778.50.  Shipping included.

Front shaft all new is $306.  Shipping included


Please Call for additional information or assistance.  1.866.455.6622 to order or for free Tech Advice.